Answers to Iphone4 Problems

Friday, May 6, 2011 |

1-Glass is scratched easily
        So why stopping with the little scratch problem. Just avoid scratching the Iphone4
2- Volume Buttons are Upside Down
      That's a little trick Apple did to protect your hearing. Did you know that just an hour of listening to an iPod can do damage? You don't care; you'll crank up the tunes just the same because the subway's too noisy -- but not with Apple's revolutionary take on volume buttons.
What's that, old man? You're actually trying to turn the volume down? Apple doesn't need squares like you brandishing the iPhone 4 in public anyway.

Yellow Blotches or Bars on the Screen

It's called Xanthopsia -- yellow vision. You'll find  suggesting Vincent Van Gogh was affected by Xanthopsia due to a certain kind of epilepsy medication, and the result was some really awesome art. Think of the wonderful things you'll do on an iPhone 4 with a yellow-blotched screen. You probably won't go insane and cut off your own earlobe.

Rear-Facing Camera Doesn't Work

To put it bluntly, your friends are ugly. So are your children. I'm sorry, but for the good of the open Internet, Apple can't let those photos show up on Flickr or Facebook. Better to keep that camera shutter on lockdown.
And please, stop downloading photo filter apps; when Apple said iPhone 4 "Changes Everything," they didn't mean everything.